Innovative Learning

Traditional classrooms where a podium and projector screen are included reinforce passive behaviour: teachers are drawn to lecture and students are recipients of information rather than active participants in a learning process. The Nest will use novel form to remove influence of space on behaviour

Learning is an active process that must engage learners in the present moment, learning spaces should reflect that. The Nest will prevent space from dictating how learners and teachers behave. A learning space in the Nest may lack an obvious ‘front’, to which the eye is drawn to encourage uncertainty and exploration of how space itself can influence the learning experience.

- Discursive architecture (think coffee shop set up vs lib set up)

- Layout shouldn't denote authority

- outdoor learning

-3D textbook

-Spaces to accommodate all types of learning

-Visual-audio-sensory eductation? immersive teaching environment. Projectors

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