Student Leadership

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We see University as an arena to develop our skills. In light of rising fees, some see it as a consumer experience - paying a fee to receive a product.

We aim to promote a ‘gym’ mentality, where a fee is paid but for the opportunity to develop. To improve. To lead your own university experience.

We will produce a campus of ideas through

three streams:

Showing Students they can influence and lead their University

Showing Students how they influence and lead their University

Normalising Students influencing and leading their University

Digital Presence

Twitter platform: our digital platform will connect people with ideas, and people with the skills and contacts to make things happen on campus. It will also inspire by promoting examples of student leadership.

Talks & Events

We speak at events to highlight inspiring examples of student leadership.


Promotion: we will create and distribute promotional material to encourage students to take a more active role in leading their University.

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The construction of The Nest will facilitate creative and innovative student managed learning, leading to awider shift in what it means to be a student at Warwick. A university where extracurricular activities and ownership over one’s education is a fundamental part of the student journey.

The project has always been - and will always be - entirely student-led. The current project leaders own the vision of the project, having shaped it with advice and assistance from university staff. 


Future leaders of the Nest will work with architects and project managers to define exactly what the building will look like and how it will function to meet its three aims. 


Once completed, the building will continue to be managed by the project leaders. Subsequent generations will likely be appointed by a governing board of students with a minority of senior university staff.​

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